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S64 Games is not run by a team of developers like most other game sites. Yet it is run by a single person named Shawn Noel. He has loved games ever since he was little and started creating them about 5 years ago. Over the years the games have evolved a lot and he now focuses on Higher Quality games other than the quantity of games. That is when S64 Games was born.

Interaction from the fans is a high priority so if you have any suggestions for the site or games you can send them to..

If you need help with anything you can send an email to..

If you have any content to submit to the site (ex. wallpaper, game add-ons, and fan art) send an email to..

Instant Message:
AIM: Shawn64C
MSN: Webmaster@shawn64.com

Thanks a lot for your support!
*Shawn Noel

S64 Games has been making games for more than 5 years now. We are dedicated to bringing you high quality games that are fun for all ages! Please check back often for new games or new game updates!
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SmartOne Linux (88x31, Low)
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